Elegant Humor to be Part of Life

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1. Autism

2. Dancing girl

And lost be the day to us in which a measure hath not been danced. And false be every truth which hath not had laughter along with it!

—Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

i)正面,背面发光 (因为是织起来的)

ii)  就像origami组成那样,用简单的三角形组成

iii) Gaudi


3. Vibration, avoid sitting for too long, Wearable


4. 3D print metal, Like hand-crafted

Eastern Aesthetics

When I saw the WWDC yesterday, I was immediately attracted by what they said about “a more immediate and intimate way to connect”. Numerous social media tools out there today, but I often found that the human-machine interaction could not transmit the delicacy in human interaction. Coming from Eastern culture, I am deeply influenced by the Eastern sense. In Eastern culture, the beauty of language lies behind the words not being said. 有没有什么办法可以传达人和人表达之中的那些尽在不言中。也许这是中西方表达的差别,对东方人来说,有时候语言的精妙就在那不可言之中,这不可言中蕴含的美学和境界,就像国画里,墨汁滴在宣纸上,慢慢延展开,不知道会延伸到那,但是那块颜色就已经印在纸上和心里了。