Eastern Aesthetics

When I saw the WWDC yesterday, I was immediately attracted by what they said about “a more immediate and intimate way to connect”. Numerous social media tools out there today, but I often found that the human-machine interaction could not transmit the delicacy in human interaction. Coming from Eastern culture, I am deeply influenced by the Eastern sense. In Eastern culture, the beauty of language lies behind the words not being said. 有没有什么办法可以传达人和人表达之中的那些尽在不言中。也许这是中西方表达的差别,对东方人来说,有时候语言的精妙就在那不可言之中,这不可言中蕴含的美学和境界,就像国画里,墨汁滴在宣纸上,慢慢延展开,不知道会延伸到那,但是那块颜色就已经印在纸上和心里了。


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