Iris Van Herpen Magnetic Motion

“For her SS 15 ready-to-wear collection, presented in Paris on Sep 30th, 2014, Iris van Herpen explores the interplay of magnetic forces. By thoroughly examining the representation of dynamic forces of attraction and repulsion, the designer fuses nature and technology.”

IVH-SS15-PRINT-5493-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5512-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5551-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5634-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5637-copy_1-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5693-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5696-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5720-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5739-copy-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5762-copy_1-LRG IVH-SS15-PRINT-5780-copy_1-LRG


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