Form Exploration

This week, through the origami exploration, I almost decided on the basic form I am going to use. After gluing the small triangle onto the sheet, I found that I was still tremendously hard to fold the sheet. In the end, when I randomly put the sheet on my arm, the sheet automatically folded itself. Amazing!

IMG_4861 IMG_4882 IMG_4883


Origami Experiments

This week I tried different origami forms, and experienced how the pleats in different shapes can result in different levels of stretchiness and space. The two forms that I can actually wear on my arm seem ideal, but I am also looking for more random and interesting structure and more stretchiness. The last one in spiral took me a really long time to fold(although kind of failed at last. Material is important!). And yet the spiral form demonstrated the most stretchiness and variations in movement.


IMG_4835IMG_4824IMG_4821 IMG_4826  IMG_4827