Seawave .007


How to make the movements more dynamic?

With Annet and Paul’s help, I used an elastic thread and small rings along the ankle, the elbow and the arm to create more movements between the triangles.

IMG_5077  IMG_5076

Death of Trinket Pro and Lilypad Board

I’d like to give a big shout-out to Alan and Paul for helping me with the Arduino part!!

In the beginning, I thought about using different resistors to control the voltage between vibrators, and yet, the circuit became way too complicated and ugly. I, then, changed to use PWM pins to control vibrators.

It didn’t go well as I tried out different Arduino boards. Trinket Pro and Lilypad are ideal for wearables; however, I kept running into problems when testing them. Trinket Pro stopped working after I soldered everything onto it last week. I ordered a Lilypad the next day, and it is not working either. Finally, I had to use Uno, as it is the most stable…

IMG_5061 IMG_5051  IMG_4924IMG_5042